November ’09

I spent a week at Howl St. with the amazing Cameron McGill and What Army. We have drums, bass and some decent guitar tracks to work with, but there is a long road ahead to finish the record.

Finished up mixing the new Tim Schweiger and the Middle Men album, should be out in early ’10.

I did a quick 2-day session at Howl Street with one of my favorites the Midwest Beat, which should produce 2 different singles due out next year.

I also started a new full-length project with Archie Powell and the Exports from Chicago, we’re about to wrap up the rest of the recording this coming week. The drums were done at an amazing new room in Madison, WI called the Blast House. Can’t say enough good things about that place.

October ’09

October was another busy month.

I finished mixing and mastering the new Trapper Schoepp and the Shades album, it’s called “Lived and Moved” and should be out in mid-November.

Played Riot Fest in Chicago with Screeching Weasel.

Helped the Highball Hooligans finish recording their record and got a good start on the mixes.

Finished the recording phase of the new Tenement record, as well as the new Tim Schweiger and the Middle Men record.

Hoping to get these mixed ASAP, they’re turning out great.

September ’09

Lotsa action going on around these parts.

Mixed and mastered the new Andy’s Automatics album “The Evergreen Motel”, which due out on Nov 27th.

I went up to Appleton to run sound for Cory Chisel’s CD release show for “Death Won’t Send a Letter“.

Did a few quick sessions with Bob Burns, and Muddy Udders, both at Howl Street Studios.

Made a bit of progress on the Ian Olvera Trio record, but we still have some finishing touches to do before I start mixing it.

Also, I did some mixing work for Banshee Music.

August ’09

The new Cory Chisel and The Wandering Sons album, which I did some mixing work for, is now out. Check it out here.

The new Dr. Frank 7″ that goes along with his new book Andromeda Klein, you can check it out here.

Spent a good chunk of August working with the Trapper Schoepp Band, Ian Olvera Trio and mixing the Andy’s Automatics new album.

I also did a few mastering projects for Direct Hit, Sleep Tight Co., Zygoteens, Drugs Dragons, Kieran Grogan and We Are Your Father.

July ’09

I got asked to do an interview on the WUWM show Lake Effect. If you click this link and scroll to the bottom you should be able to listen to it.

I mixed the new Truthdealer record, Criminal IQ records will be releasing it on 10″ vinyl later this year.

The Sugar Stems spent a few days at Howl Street recording about a dozen songs. They also recently had a nice write up in the Shepherd Express.

I mixed and mastered a full-length record for Ohio rockers Johnie 3 which will be out later this year on Knowhere Records.

The new Andy’s Automatics album “Evergreen Motel” is all recorded and ready to be mixed. Recording was finished up in Appleton, WI at Rock Garden Studios. It’s always nice to do vocals with a u47.

The Saltshakers new album is all mixed and ready to be mastered.

We redid the drums for the new Tenement record at Smart Studios, I’m definitely 100% more happy with the drums now, can’t wait to get this album done and out to the people.

I finally got a chance to get started on the new Ian Olvera album, drums were done by Adam Cargin at Howl Street Studios, I’ll be doing bass this week.

June ’09

I got a last minute call to finish up a couple songs for Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons. Cory’s been working down in Nashville at Blackbird with Joe Chiccarelli, so it was great getting a chance to work on these songs. Thanks to Daniel at Burst HQ and J Christopher Hughes at Post Historic for the last minute studio accommodations. I’ll be mixing the last 4 songs for the record in July and it should be out on Black Seal/RCA records in the fall.

I flew down to Austin, TX for a few days to play bass for a few shows with both Screeching Weasel and the Riverdales. I never knew how crazy downtown Austin can be on any given nite. I had a chance to go up by the university and get my photo taken in front of this famous Daniel Johnston mural he did on the side of restaurant. Anyway, the shows were outside but in a covered area so it was like playing in a sauna, but it was a great time, looking forward to Chicago and LA in the fall.

I mixed one more song and mastered an EP for Breakout Division, a great rock band I met when I was in Italy last year recording a different band. Should be out in August on 7″ vinyl and digital download.

Tim Schweiger and the Middle Men came in for about a week to begin work on their next full-length. We battled van breakdowns, scheduling conflicts and a bad case of the flu, but we we’re off to a good start, sounding great so far.

The Saltshakers and Blue, Seriously have been in at Howl Street working on their new releases due out in the fall.

The Onion/Decider published a story and interview I did with them a few weeks ago.

You can see it right HERE.

Paste Magazine did a story called “TEN PERFECTLY IMPERFECT MUSICAL OUTTAKES” and it features a song I recorded for Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons. Right up there with Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams and Eminem. The version on the Paste website is not the same version…when we were recording Cory’s live EP last year, he sprung a last minute idea on me to record a few songs while they play out in the crowd, so I grabbed the closest mic to me and put it in front of them, which is why there is also a ton of background noise (as mentioned in the article)….then the song ended up making in on the record, funny how things work sometimes.

May ’09

I spent a couple days at Howl Street with Dr. Frank (of the Mr. T Experience). Frank is putting out his 2nd book later this summer and wanted to have a couple songs to go with it. If things go as planned, it’ll be released on a 7″ and iTunes.

Finished mixing the new Jetty Boys album, to be released on Rally Records later this summer.

Finished mixing the Candeliers album. We did the basic tracks last fall, then they did a lot of work on it themselves and brought it back to me for mixing and mastering.

I recieved a WAMI award for 2009 Producer of the year. I actually tied with Jeff Hamilton but close enough I guess….not really sure how that all works. I also recorded/produced and mixed the “album of the year” by Hindsight.

Tenement (who are one of my favorite bands to work with) came in to Howl St to start their first full-length release, so far so good.

Bear Proof Suit came in for a day and recorded their half of a split 12″.

We finished up the music for the King Friday reunion EP, files have been sent off to Portland, OR so vocals can be added.

April ’09

I spent a weekend recording Chicago punk band The Methadones, we did 4 songs which will make up two 7” releases sometime this summer.

I spent a few days rehearsing for a show with the Riverdales down in Chicago..the show was a great time, looking forward to Austin in June

Mixed and mastered a 3 song live EP for Greg Cartwright (Reigning Sound), the songs were recorded live on WMSE in Milwaukee, Greg was backed up by the Goodnight Loving and it sounds awesome.

Finished up an EP that I have been working at on Smart Studios with singer-songwriter Nathaniel Waldschmidt, thanks to Nathaniel for letting me pick all my favorite musicians to play on it.

Spent a day at Howl Street recording drums for legendary Fox Valley band King Friday. I remember going to see these guys play back in the day when I was about 14 years old, so it’s great getting a chance to work with them.

Recording has begun for the new Andy’s Automatics full-length. I recorded their last album a few years back, and I’m happy to be doing their next one as well.

Recording the new Truthdealer record has begun as Howl Street as well. We did music and vocals for all 18 (or so) songs in just a day.

March ’09

I’ve been spending some days in the studio with Jentri Colello doing another batch of songs to complete her full length album coming out this summer.

Finished up mixing an mastering for the new Holy Shit! Release, which will be out on 10” vinyl later this year.

Flew out to LA to play two shows at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood playing bass for Ben Weasel. The shows were sold out and it was a great time and a great time, except the flight home which had to turn around and re-land at LAX, ended up getting home a day late but it was a good time overall.

Mastered a great record for a Minneapolis band Liarbirds.

I also mastered an EP for a Milwaukee band called Disguised As Birds, it’s a great sounding record recorded by Shane at Howl Street.

Spent a couple days at Howl Street recording new songs with the Goodnight Loving, this time we decided to use a Yamaha cassette 8-Track…it turned out great, we got 3 songs recorded and mixed. It’s refreshing to try recording on something with limits, like an 8-track as opposed to pro tools where you can for the most part, use as many tracks as you need. A few more sessions and we should have a new record done.

The end of March was spent mixing the newest Riverdales album.

It’s pretty much ready to go and will be out on CD and vinyl on Asian Man Records July 14th.

There is a nice review of the newest Mystery Girls record I recorded a few years ago now. The record was recently released on In The Red Records and you can check out the review on the Madison Ithsmus website.

Jan/Feb ’09

Members of the Midwest Beat and the Grizzlies came in to Howl Street and recorded a few songs, I’m not sure what the project will be called, but hopefully it will be out later this year.

Madison punk band The Transgressions came in last minute due to a cancellation and recorded about 6 songs averaging about 1 minute each…I will hopefully have a chance to mix this stuff soon.

I spent the first few days of February moving to a new place in Bayview. Then, most of Feb was spent in Madison recording a new record for The Riverdales, it will be out on Asian Man Records in June.

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